Report Metrics

Total metrics for the report.

  • 236.2K
    Total Impressions
  • 119
    Total Posts
Social Media Metrics

Impressions & Engagement for each social media channel.

  • 4.2K
    Blog Impressions
    49.37% Bounce Rate
  • 34.2K
    Instagram Impressions
    12.87% Engagement
  • 193.4K
    IG Stories Impressions
You Could Travel

You Could Travel

United Kingdom
Report Details

Report: Visit Gloucester & Visit Cheltenham

Dates: 10 Jun. 2022 - 12 Jun. 2022

Report Description (Click to view)

Visit Cheltenham and Visit Gloucester.

Promotion via blog posts and social media posts. 

Social Media Posts

Metrics and posts for each social media channel.

Blog (3 Blogs)
  • 4.2K
  • 2.8K
    Page Sessions
  • 3.7K
  • 1.1K
Instagram (2 Posts)
  • 34.2K
  • 30.8K
IG Stories (106 Stories)
  • 193.4K
  • 183.8K
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