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All your campaign metrics in one place

Authentic is everything you need to access insights for your marketing campaigns. Build fast, modern Reports and aggregate Campaign analytics to evaluate results.

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Measure your marketing strategy

Authentic is a marketing solution designed to help you track, aggregate and share results. Collect Reports from multiple influencers into your Campaigns and have access to all insights at a glance.

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Marketing Team & Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Campaigns

Orchestrate your marketing efforts with one or multiple Campaigns. Create Teams, Campaigns and invite team members who share your goals and strategies.

Invite Influencers to your Campaign

Work with Influencers

Large or small Campaign? We can invite as many influencers as you need. Once the influencers submit their results, your ROI Reports will be generated automatically.

Influencer Campaign Results

Aggregate & Share results

Aggregate and share Campaign results with your team and clients. Whether you are a small business or a large marketing agency representing multiple brands, get access to all your numbers in one place.

A better & faster way to collect metrics for your campaigns

Create shareable Campaign Reports, understand performance insights and access all numbers in one centralized dashboard.

Influencer Campaign Insights

Automated reports with real data

No more random PDFs, emails or messy spreadsheets. Stay organised and get access to the real data delivered automatically from social media APIs.

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Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your teams from all around the world. Plan and coordinate your campaigns and share the end results with stakeholders & clients.

Stay focused

Check each team, market, campaign and individual report. Having all numbers in a centralized platform helps stay on track and complete your goals.

Stay up to date

Social media insights change fast, that's why we automatically refresh all your reports & campaigns data.

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We can help you create better influencer campaigns and get results faster.

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