Authentic Influencer Marketing Reports

Create awesome campaign reports

You have the audience and the engagement. Prove to brands that you can deliver. Create beautiful post-campaign reports with our unique Report Creator. Your Authentic profile can be used as a live Media Kit.

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Authentic Influencers


Prove your value by creating beautiful, auto-updating reports in minutes with our powerful reporting tool. Get awesome feedback from brands and win more contracts. Share your Authentic Profile as your Media Kit when you're pitching brands.

Authentic Content Creators

Content Creators

Show off your amazing content and be proud of your audience. Your Authentic Profile works as your Media Kit. Share it when you pitch your dream brands. Authentic helps you spend less time on boring tasks so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Authentic Brands


Influencer management, live campaign reporting, budgeting and teams. Authentic is different from other platforms because we provide you with insights only accessible via social media APIs. Authentic works with small and large organizations and teams any size.

Authentic Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Help your clients make the most of their influencer marketing spend. Authentic helps marketing agencies save time by making influencer management & discovery a breeze. Authentic works with small and large organizations and teams any size.

Top influencers will settle for nothing less

Top influencers already using Authentic to win large contracts and work with dream brands.

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