Authentic Stats From All Your Influencers

Easily gather authentic stats from all your influencers

No more spreadsheets, email chains or screenshots. Just beautiful, authentic, and always up-to-date reports with real stats.

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Measure the real value of your marketing strategy

Make every campaign a success. Collect reports from your influencers during your influencer campaign and get authentic results, every time.

Invite & track your influencers

1) Invite, audit & track your influencers

Invite, audit & track all your influencers in Authentic. See live audience & engagement data and always pick the right influencers for your campaigns.

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Create influencer campaigns

2) Create influencer campaigns

Track & see live influencer campaign data. Get performance reports from each influencer with posts insights including likes, comments, engagement, and more. All stats are gathered from social media APIs.

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Stop wondering if your campaigns work

3) Stop wondering if your campaigns work. Get proof!

Get verified insights for your influencer campaigns with Authentic. Authentic is different from other platforms because we provide you with insights only accessible via social media APIs. Data like impressions, engagement, clicks, shares, saves, video views, replies, taps, retweets, quotes, closeups, exits, subscribers gained and more.

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Authentic works with the social networks that matter

Get instant access to influencer insights on Instagram (Stories are supported), Facebook, Twitter, Blog or Website stats via Google Analytics, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Newsletters.

Authentic Connects with your favorite social networks

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