Future of Content Creator Marketing

The future of influencer marketing

With one social media post, we interact with our friends and family, as we do with brands. This new content creator era affects how people navigate the web. Brands understand that to succeed in this new environment they needed to tweak their marketing strategies.

We believe that influencer marketing can accelerate brand targets due to the unique manner content creators interact with their communities. They act as a trustworthy connection between brands and potential customers.

The Authentic story

Authentic - Our Story

Two blogger entrepreneurs witnessed a major problem:
As influencer marketing is quickly becoming a prefered method for brands to engage with potential clients, companies struggled to understand the true return on investment at a glance.

An effective, easy-to-use, transparent metrics tool was desperately needed.

Empowering Influencers & Businesses

The idea? Create a reporting tool to gather numbers at a glance, for companies of all sizes, across any industry. Time is the most valuable commodity. Authentic was designed to help content creators and marketing teams save precious time.

Working with creators and agencies

Authentic was founded on the belief that transparency and collaboration create a new culture of ownership and empowerment for both content creators and marketers; we have lots of ideas on how to help shape up the industry.

Why Authentic?

At Authentic, we see our technology as an aid to help develop powerful reports which tell a story at a glance, in the universal language of numbers every single marketer understands.

Our team spends every bit of energy solving content creator marketing problems. We aim to help businesses understand their return on investment when using content creators to foster marketing relations.

In a mad world of content creator collaboration, short and long term goals, ever-changing industries and fast-paced strategies, we wanted to help you create a little bit of marketing magic.

Tell your story

We're here to help tell your story

It all starts with your idea. Then, through well-executed marketing campaigns, we’ll help you create quick and easy reports. Content creators now have a unique platform to showcase their narrative as it happened, translated into a chronical of numbers, easily understandable by marketing teams.

Our mission is to create dynamic, unique ROI reports for stories across all mediums.

The Founders

We are all influencers and content creators at Authentic.

We came up with the idea during our time working on comprehensive marketing campaigns and press trips.

We realised how much time and effort goes into creating a brilliant ROI report, full of data and valuable information. Our ROI reports brought us many repeat customs from several brands we worked with.

As content creators as well as marketers, we know time is the most precious commodity, so we created Authentic, an easy to use, intuitive reporting tool meant to save you tons of time.

Authentic's Core Values

We believe in building an inclusive, sustainable business based on empathy and transparency.

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We’re building a team of smart, passionate people who acknowledge our road map and are able to create their own structure and priorities. We believe that in order to create a successful product we need to all move towards the same goals. We need to encourage conversations and create plans on how we are going to get there.

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In order for people to do their very best, they need to feel encouraged, supported and fully understood. We strive to be better humans who try to find new ways to liaise to each and every single member of the team irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion/spirituality, nationality and socioeconomic status. We don’t just want to foster a community of smart and empathetic people, but create a strong bond between one another where we communicate, ask questions, learn from one another and strive to be better individuals.

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We are a small team with fun ideas and a can-do attitude. We believe the future of the influencer marketing industry relies on a healthier reporting ecosystem, transparency and methodology. We want to standardise reporting, so we can do right by our community. We are driven by passion and we are committed to bringing you the highest quality tools to save you time and energy.
And since we know the importance of maintaining high performance at work, we want to remind everyone within our team and within our communities to take time to refresh and develop a healthy relationship with work and personal life.

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