Authentic helps you get the 5 figure contracts

Creating campaign reports doesn't have to be frustrating

Brands expect you to send them your results but it takes ages to manually collect your stats after a campaign. Let's be honest, it's boring and none of us likes to do it. Authentic helps you create these reports in less than 10mins and let you show brands how your audience is engaging with their campaigns.

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Authentic built by influencers for influencers

Authentic was designed by influencers to help you pitch brands, create performance reports and supercharge your media kit with live stats.

Professional Reports in minutes with Authentic

1) Create your Authentic Profile

Connect your social media accounts, add your logo and showcase previous campaigns you are proud of on your profile within 30 minutes or less. All stats are verified by Authentic.

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Your stats are always up to date. Be Fresh.

2) Create Authentic Performance Reports

Impress your clients with beautiful, auto-updating reports at the end of each campaign. Use your previous reports as case studies when pitching new brands and win the big contracts.

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Share your Reports. Be Confident.

3) Work with dream brands you love

Include professional case studies in your emails when pitching brands you want to work with. Pick your best posts and show what you can deliver. With Authentic, you guaranteed to have the wow factor.

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Authentic connects with your favorite social networks

Get instant access to your insights on Instagram (Stories & Reels are supported!), Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog or Website stats via Google Analytics, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and your favourite Newsletter service.

Authentic Connects with your favorite social networks

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