Challenges marketer face when running influencer campaigns

After talking to several marketing agencies running influencer marketing, we found that there are two big issues they all face:

1) It's difficult to manage influencers

Finding influencers, checking their stats, picking the right campaigns for them is frustrating. Keeping track of everybody in a spreadsheet is not efficient enough.

The follower count for each influencer & social media have to be kept up to date manually and without search, finding the right influencer for the campaign is complicated.

2) Gathering proof of the campaign performance

Most agencies simply ask the influencers to send them screenshots of the posts they created. The insights then copied into spreadsheets, added up and ROI is calculated.

This is obviously time-consuming and not particularly accurate. Insights change all the time for most posts and keeping track of deliverables via screenshots always ends up being a mess.

What is the solution?

The marketers who tried Authentic were impressed with how easy it is to manage influencers, add them to campaigns and keep track of deliverables.

Authentic helps the influencers put together the reports so you don't have to and the system automatically calculates and aggregates all insights using the social media APIs.


Beyond the huge time saving, Authentic is an invaluable tool helping you assess the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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