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Authentic FAQ

What is Authentic?

Authentic is a tool for Marketing Agencies, Tourism Boards, Brands & Businesses working with Content Creators

Collect RoI Reports from multiple Content Creators and get an overview of the audience & reach of the whole Campaign. Request Reports from Content Creators and see who delivered. At the end of the campaign, share the results with your clients and shareholders.

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Do you offer a Trial?

Authentic is free to use for everyone. There are no trial periods. Simply signup for a new account and get started.

Do you offer Onboarding?

We provide Onboarding for all of our customers regardless of business size. As we want to make sure your experience is great, we are here to help you whenever you need us.

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How can I request a Demo?

If you would like to see Authentic in action, we are happy to arrange a no-obligation zoom call with screen-share and to introduce you to the platform.

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