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Authentic's Roadmap

Authentic is an influencer marketing reporting and analytics tool focusing on real numbers and transparency.


What are we working on?

We are currently working on many new features. Note, if you Signup, you will get access to all new Features immediately when they are released.

Coming up next:

(beta testing started) Authentic Brower Extension to automate Pinterest & TikTok - December 2021/January 2022

Automate stats collection from Pinterest & TikTok with the new Authentic Brower Extension.

Using the extension, you can add Pinterest Pins and TikTok Videos to Authentic with just one click, directly from the social media website.

Get in touch if you are interested and we will let you know as soon as our beta testing starts so you can be one of the first to try it. :)

(en route) Paid Ads Reporting - Early/Mid 2022

Include your paid ads in your reports for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

(en route) Media Kit & Rate Card for influencers - Early 2022

Create live-updating Media Kits & Rate Cards to stand out from the crowd.

(en route) Authentic Website Widgets - Early 2022

Showcase your previous Reports by embedding one of our widgets into your website.

Delivered / Completed:

Connect your Social Media accounts to Authentic - Arrived: May. 2020

Connect Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Youtube, your Blog and Google Analytics to get up-to-date metrics.

Improved Content Creator Reports (v2) - Arrived: June. 2020

A new, convenient way to create Reports. Select existing posts directly from your social media accounts and add them to your Report.

Improved Campain Reporting - Arrived: June. 2020

Detailed Campaign Reports, export & share feature, Company branding.

Organizations - Arrived: July. 2020

Group your Teams into organizations and manage them even easier than before. Influencers can be added to Orgs. so all teams have access.

Agency Seats - Arrived: July. 2020

Payment based on seats, seat vouchers, new pricing for Agencies

Detailed account metrics - Arrived: Aug. 2020

Influencer profiles now display detailed account metrics for each social media including followers count, engagement, views, impressions, age and gender charts and country list.

The following social networks are supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Analytics for websites.

Custom Social Media Posts - Arrived: Aug. 2020

You can now add Instagram Story Screenshots if the story you need is not already in Authentic.

Sadly, the Pinterest API is not coming fast enough so we decided to allow custom Pins to be added to Authentic. This is a temporary solution until Pinterest releases its API. When that happens, all your Pins will be converted into managed Pins.

Creator Contacts - Arrived: Aug. 2020

As a Creator, you can now create Contacts in Authentic. This will help you keep track of your clients and the businesses you work with. You can add contacts to Reports and soon, you will be able to search & filter by contacts.

Improved Content Creator Reports - Sept. 2020.

New, super fast Report creation tool using the "Media Wall" (TM). Ssshh, this is a secret for now.

Influencer Search (beta), Public Profiles & Reports - Oct. 2020.

We have added the option for businesses to find the perfect influencers for their Campaign based on various criteria.

This is a huge feature with a ton of value. We are very excited! Our influencer search & invite program is live (beta).

Influencers can create public profiles and be found by businesses looking for influencers for their next campaign.

Dashboard overview for Influencers - Oct. 2020.

New dashboard page to see all your insights, audience and reach.

Authentic Affiliate Program - Dec. 2020.

Influencers can now invite friends and businesses to join Authentic. You get 20% of every Premium/Enterprise purchase as long as the subscription is active.

Check out our Affiliate Program, click here.


This Roadmap will be updated as soon as new features are confirmed. In the meantime, we also share updates on our Blog and social media.

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