The easiest way to manage your influencer marketing campaigns

Why choose us? Authentic gives you everything you need to stay on top of your influencer marketing campaigns, get results and reach your goals.

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Measure the real value of your marketing strategy

Make every campaign a success. Collect reports from your influencers during your influencer campaign and get the real results, every time.

Automate your Influencer Marketing Strategy

How is Authentic different than any other influencer analytics tool?

Most analytics tools give you mountains of data which is hard to understand and do not reveal the real impact of your campaigns.

Authentic is different because we focus on what matters to you. The influencers you work with will collect their social media posts into reports so you can effortlessly see all the relevant metrics of your influencer marketing campaign.

Reports from your influencers in real-time

The reports you receive from your influencers contain the posts and all the relevant insights you need to evaluate your campaign. All numbers are real-time, pulled from the APIs of the social media networks.

How else can Authentic help you manage your campaigns better?

The influencer reports are grouped into campaigns so you don't just see the results of each individual influencer but get an overview of your whole campaign.

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Access Yuzu Metrix anywhere on any device

See where everything stands

The campaign insights and metrics are generated automatically the moment an influencer submits a report. You can start tracking results as soon as the campaign begins and don't have to worry about metrics going stale over time as Yuzu Metrix ensure they are always kept up-to-date.

Marketing Teams

Authentic follows your corporate structure

Create teams to mirror the structure of your organization. Add team members to work on campaigns and execute your influencer marketing strategy.

Manage your influencer campaigns

Do you manage multiple clients or multiple organizations?

No organization is too large for Authentic. Manage multiple clients or work with different organizations all in one account. Switching between teams and keeping an eye on multiple campaigns is easy.

Authentic is constantly evolving and becomes better

We are constantly working on making Authentic better for you. If you sign up today, you will get free access to any future updates and improvements.

Our roadmap is full of exciting new features which will make your life easier.

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